Monday, May 18, 2009

New Semester

Summer semester. I am ready to roll.

Alright. Sorry it's been a while since I have last updated. I have been crazy busy with finals and the student show at CCS and everything. I have just moved back to Grand Rapids and I am starting summer semester classes next week Wednesday. It should be a fun filled summer.

Summer goals:
-use found objects to create canvases
-photograph as much as I can
-buy monolights and battery pack
-sew and make clothing
-organize shoots with models
-create a model mayhem site
-update business cards and leave behinds
-create a Linkedin account
-go to Chicago, California, and out east to visit Kelsey and Jenny
-do well in school
-help the community
-go to Mackinac Island

So far those are my goals for the next few months.
I'm going to Chicago next weekend to visit Eunice and I will take lots of pictures.
Post later.


PS- GPA update: 3.760! I am so proud of myself!

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